PR Status and Card Renewal

Residency Obligation:

  • Must reside in Canada for 730 days with respect to every 5-year period through any combination of the following:
  • Being physically present in Canada
  • Accompanying abroad a parent, spouse or common-law partner who is a Canadian Citizen
  • Being employed abroad by a Canadian business or government service
  • Accompanying abroad a parent, spouse or common-law partner who is employed by a Canadian business or government service


If working outside if Canada:

  • Full-time work or under contract
  • Assignment is controlled from head office in Canada
  • Maintain connection to a Canadian business
  • Work assignment is temporary
  • After assignment is finished, will continue working for employer in Canada


Examples of a Canadian business:

  • Legal entities federally or provincially incorporated with ongoing operations in Canada
  • Companies capable of generating revenue and carrying out activities in anticipation of profit with majority of voting/ownership help by Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents or Canadian Businesses
  • Organizations created by Canadian or provincial laws


Voluntary relinquishment or PR status:

  • Must be a Canadian PR and PR/Citizen of another country
  • If under 18, all legal guardians must consent in writing
  • No appeals allowed and cannot apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Relatives (already PR) of the person renouncing do not lose status unless they are under an ongoing sponsorship application


Loss of PR status occurs when…:

  • A PR becomes a Canadian citizen
  • A final determination is made on loss of PR status
  • A removal order comes into effect
  • A Refugee Protection Decision or Pre-Risk Removal Assessment decision has vacated PR status
  • The 30/60-day period to file an appeal in/out of Canada expires


Permanent Residence Card:

  • PR card will not be issues outside of Canada
  • PR’s outside of Canada without PR card may be issued a temporary travel document to enter Canada
  • PR card gets revoked when a person ceases being a PR