About Michael Monfared

Michael Monfared is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, he is a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).


Michael holds an Immigration Consultant degree from Ashton College and has several years of experience working in Immigration.

Prior to owning and managing his own office, Michael used to work along side his mother who was an Immigration Consultant since 2007 and has passed on valuable knowledge and information to her son to continue her legacy.

Michael was born and raised in Montreal, Canada with Italian and Iranian heritage which he holds dear to his heart. He can also speak 4 languages and can communicate with a variety of different ethnicity and cultures. (English, French, Persian, and Italian).

Michael offers consulting services for your immigration matters, evaluations for immigration to Canada and can also prepare and submit immigration application on your behalf as an authorised representative approved to do so by the ICCRC.

The categories of immigration Michael specialises in are; Express Entry Canada, Skilled/Trades Worker Visa, Family Sponsorship Visa, International Students Visa, School Enrolment, Permanent Residency, , Citizenship, Visitor Visa, Experience Class and Permanent Resident Card renewals.

Michael Monfared is dedicated to making your immigration application a success and will always work to the highest standards of the industry.

Please note that Regulated Immigration Consultants of Canada can not guarantee the outcome of an application and anyone who does so is considered to be involved in fraudulent activity. Protect your time, information and money by making sure that the Consultant you are planning to work with or are currently working with, is a member of ICCRC.